Sunday, January 5, 2014

Harbor Monsters

The secret is out on Lake Michigan’s winter Trout fishing in the many harbors up and down the Wisconsin coast line. Both Steelhead and Brown Trout occupy the Harbors during the hard water season, offering anglers a chance at landing a fish of a lifetime all winter long. These fish return to the harbors to carry out their spawning rituals, before returning to Lake Michigan to continue growing!

Milwaukee Harbor offers some of the best ice fishing for both size and numbers of fish, but every harbor along the lake offers anglers a chance at Trout in excess of 20 pounds! Fishing for these Trout can be tricky however, as these fish are accustomed to feeding on large schools of baitfish in open water.

Clear water adds to the challenge, as Trout can see your line making light line a necessity for fooling these clever Trout. Lure selection can vary from day to day, but generally Minnows and Spawn Sacs are used on tip ups and Automatic Fishermen, while anglers use Waxworms on small jigs, tube jigs, jigging spoons, Gulp Minnows, and even baits like the HD Ice while jigging for trophy Trout.

Wisconsin’s Harbors offer some of the best ice fishing for monster Trout, which is quickly becoming one of the more popular fishing destinations for anglers seeking the ultimate thrill through the ice! Great Lakes Trout are known for their feisty nature, and offer the most intense battle you can find through a hole in the ice!

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