Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Winnebago System Update 6-17-15

Summer is upon us as is the Walleye bite on the Winnebago System! The Mercury National Walleye Tournament was held out of Fond du lac this past weekend and there were plenty of nice Walleyes brought to the scales both days! The winning pattern is still a secret as many of the same anglers will be competing in the Battle on Bago - Summer Edition this coming weekend.

Walleyes continue to be caught in the upriver lakes, the river in Oshkosh, and on all parts of Lake Winnebago. Trolling has been the most common method used by anglers, with cranks working better than spinners for most. The reef bite has been hit or miss depending on wind conditions, as has the mud bite. Some anglers have put some really nice fish in the boat in short order when an active school is located, while others are struggling to find keeper size Walleyes.  There seems to be an abundance of 10-12" Walleyes in the system which are being caught by just about everybody!

I had the chance to get out last Friday for a few hours after work and it was worth my while! We trolled crank baits and were able to land some really nice fish including this 27" pig! Fire tiger #7 Flicker Shads did the trick for us trolling at 2.1-2.2mph.

If you are looking to get out and catch some Walleyes for dinner now is the time! Remember to use the wind to your advantage! The fish have been on the thin side this year with the lack of forage in the system, especially the Shad which will hopefully have a good spawn to give our Walleyes something to plump back up on!  On a positive note, the lack of forage should translate into good fishing all summer!

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