Monday, December 7, 2015

December Steelhead

Despite the much warmer than average temperatures we have had so far this "winter",  fishing continues to be productive for those that are willing to keep the long rods out!  Timely rains have kept the tributaries running higher than normal which has helped draw fair numbers of lake run Brown Trout and Steelhead into the harbors and rivers all around Lake Michigan.

This past weekend I was able to sneak away for a few hours and get some much needed time on the water in with my good friend Chris.  It's amazing how much I appreciate each minute spent on the water these days as work and my growing family have been consuming most of my time these days!

Chris and I grabbed our waders and headed to some local creeks and rivers in search of some Steelhead, Browns, or even possibly a couple late Cohos!  The morning started off nicely as Chris landed a nice Ganaraska strain buck Steelhead in the 5 pound range on a pink spawn sac.  The fish had fun clips that I was able to trace back on the DNR's fish stocking page.   Check out the link and start keeping track of your clipped fish!

Minutes later it was my turn to get in on the action as I watched my float slam down beneath the frigid waters!  I yelled for Chris to grab the net as my fish took off down river before leaping out of the water a few times!  After a great battle I managed to ease the buck Steelhead into the net!  After a couple pictures I sent him on his way to get bigger and hopefully offer another aerial show for a deserving angler down the road!

After a lull in the action I moved upriver a little ways and was almost instantly hooked up again!  This fish turned out to be about a five pound buck Steelhead which was quickly released as well.  Chris evened things up with yet another buck Steelhead and we both landed several small "stocker" Steelhead that were either natural or recently stocked!

We decided to make a move mid morning and clearly zigged when we should've zagged as we only managed a few more sticker trout and one lost fish in four different spots!  Trout provide both a thrill and a challenge every time you chase them which is what keeps my drive alive!  Each day spent on the water chasing these fish offers you many learning experiences that help you become a better angler on your next outing!

With the warm temperatures expected to last through most of December, I am hoping to get out a couple more times with the open water gear before chasing these creatures through the ice!  Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment on here or my Facebook page! Please like the page and share my blog!