Friday, March 7, 2014

Baked Walleye Recipe

For many years growing up, fish fry’s consisted of deep frying fish in a variety of different batters.  What stayed the same was the means of cooking it!  Our fish was pan fried when it was just our family; otherwise it was deep fried when we had larger get togethers.  Today, I still love to eat Walleyes, but have found a much healthier way of enjoying these great eating fish.

Although it may not be the most popular way to eat Walleye, baking Walleye fillets is worth giving a shot as it is both healthy and tasty!  I have experimented a bit with recipes in the past, and have found that you really can’t go wrong with a simple Panko recipe.

There are only a few simple ingredients necessary for this recipe, most of which you probably already have in your cupboards. 

Lemon Pepper Panko (Or Plain)
Cajun Shore Lunch (Or Plain)
1 well beaten Egg
Cooking Spray
Whole Walleye Fillets

Start with the desired amount of Walleye Fillets, preferably whole but this isn’t necessary.  Clean and de-bone fillets, then coat them in flour.  Once coated with flour, cover the fillets with egg mixture before placing into the Panko/Shore Lunch mixture.  I like to use a 75% Panko to 25% Shore Lunch ratio to attain some kick and lots of crunch. 

Once each fillet is coated with a generous amount of breading place onto a sprayed baking pan and put into a pre-heated oven at 375°.  After 10-12 minute flip each fillet over and place back into oven.  At this time I like to crank the heat up to 400° to get a good crisp on both sides of the fillets.  After another 5-7 minutes remove the fillets from the oven and enjoy!  Give this simple recipe a shot and make sure to let me know what you think!

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