Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rapala Rippin’ Rap

Every year the designers at Rapala continue to create fish catching crank baits which are always teamed with lifelike color schemes and the sharpest hooks on the market!  This year is no exception, as the lure company has hit a home run with the Rippin’ Rap!

The Rippin’ Rap is a lipless crank bait similar to a Rattle Trap, which has a thin, Shad like profile.  What makes the Rippin’ Rap unique is it’s loud rattle, compact nature, and especially it’s unique fluttering action on the drop.  The Rippin’ Rap comes in 12 colors (Yellow Perch, Chartreuse Shad, Gold Chrome, Chrome, Chrome Blue, Chrome Moss Back Shiner, Helsinki Shad, Olive Green Craw, Dark Brown Crawdad, Red Crawdad, Peral Grey Shiner, Firetiger) and three sizes (5, 6, 7).

The Rippin’ Rap can be used in multiple scenarios from open water casting and ripping along weed tops to vertically ripping it through the ice.  Loud rattles in this compact little lure get the fish’s attention, while the lifelike colors seal the deal once the fish approach.  The chrome colors really throw off lots of flash as the bait is ripped and allowed to fall, which simulates a stunned baitfish.  The bright color schemes work great in dirty water, helping fish home in on the lure and capitalize on an easy meal.

A large variety of fish can be taken with the Rippin’ Rap including; Walleye, Bass, Pike, Trout, and even Panfish.  Bass, Pike, and Walleye simply cannot resist this bait as it is worked along weed tops and ripped along rock bars.  Trout will absolutely crush the Rippin’ Rap while it is worked vertically and ripped and allowed to fall both through the ice and during open water.  Perch and Crappies will even take the Rippin’ Rap as it is worked along the bottom and through the weeds.

The next time you are at the sporting goods store, make sure to grab some Rippin’ Raps and add them to your arsenal!  These baits will not disappoint!

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