Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winnebago Fishing Report

Fishing on Lake Winnebago has really picked up over the past week, with many reports of good numbers of fish being caught off Oshkosh, mainly 1-2 miles out.  The fish are schooling up now, and will continue to do so over the next few weeks, in preparation of their annual run upriver to spawn.

Right now guys are pulling up a large variety of fish within the groups, which is a little unusual.  White Bass, Crappies, Walleyes, Perch, and even Saugers are all being caught out of the same hole.  This makes fishing fun, as you don't know what you have until it enters your fishing hole!

Best techniques out on the lake right now are as usual, stay mobile!  These schools of fish continue to move, especially when fishing pressure increases.  A flasher is an essential item to have in order to catch these roaming fish, since many times they will come in suspended off the bottom.  I recommend a Vexilar FL-22, which is the best quality flasher for the price that you can buy!

Once you find the school, guys are catching them on #3 Jigging Rapalas, Buckshot Rattle Spoons, and Swedish Pimples.  Some guys prefer to tip their lures with a minnow head or Waxworm, while others prefer to fish their lures naked.  Personally, I like to start without bait, and if the fish are unwilling to take the lure I start tipping it.

My Favorite Jigging Rapala for Winnebago!

What has been astonishing on Lake Winnebago this winter is the numbers of Crappies we are seeing!  Normally you might catch 1 or 2 a winter while fishing the mud, this year guys are getting 10 or more in a day!  I also noticed this last spring as we were catching them while trolling for Walleyes.

Ice conditions continue to vary out on the lake, but ATV travel has been fine off of Oshkosh, and guys are still taking their trucks on the ice off the east shore.  Expect these conditions to stay the same, as we don't have any crazy warm or cold temperatures in the forecast.

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