Monday, February 4, 2013

Dynamic Lures Presents the HD Ice

Dynamic Lures recently came out with the HD Ice, a 2 inch, 1/5 ounce vertical jigging lure that resembles a minnow.  The lure has a hollow inside with a rattle, and when jigged upwards, gives off an intense vibration and rattle that is sure to attract nearby fish. 

The HD Ice comes in 8 different colors, and can be fished through the ice and also during the open water season.  This lure is specially designed for Trout, but Walleyes, Perch, Crappies, Bass, and just about any other fish you can think of can also be caught on the HD Ice.

What separates the HD Ice from other vertical jigging lures is the lifelike shape, size, and finish the bait offers, teamed with its unique action and fish attracting vibration.  The HD Ice can be fished aggressively when targeting aggressive fish, while at times a more subtle presentation will also yield great results.

 I recently had a chance to try the HD Ice out for myself, and was very impressed with its action!  A quick upwards lift makes the lure vibrate and rattle, and then when the rod tip is lowered, the HD Ice drops back down on its side, making for a realistic look of a dying baitfish.  The HD Ice can also be twitched in place and lifted and dropped, which at times can also drive fish crazy.

This versatile lure can also be used during the open water season in vertical jigging situations in deep water for Trout, Walleyes, and even Bass!  Make sure you check out the Dynamic Lures website to learn more about their state of the art products, and get a few to add to your tackle box. 

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