Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trout Action Continues

Despite having to work this week, a few of my friends were able to get out on the ice the last two days and catch some nice fish!  It really makes for a long day at the office when your friends send you picture messages of their catch of the day!

Derek, Tyler, and Tony fished the Sheboygan Harbor with hopes of landing a few Trout.  They set tipups with Shiners and spawn sacs, and also decided to do some jigging.

Tuesday started out slow, but eventually Derek landed this nice buck Steelhead on his jig rod!  He also lost a small Brown Trout on his Automatic Fisherman after a brief fight.

Tyler also got in on the action, landing this nice Northern Pike on a tipup with a Shiner.

Overall the fishing wasn't fast and furious, but its tough to beat a day on the ice with friends!

Wednesday really made up for the slow day on Tuesday.  Before all the lines were in, Derek had 2 hits and drops on his tipups!  This action would continue throughout the morning, as the 3 were also accompanied by Derek's father, who caught this nice Brown Trout, which was his first through the ice!  Congratulations Dale on a great fish!

Tyler landed a small Rainbow Trout, and Tony finally put a fish on the ice as well!  The crew lost a few other fish and had several other flags throughout the day which made for an action packed day on the ice!

To top things off, Derek landed this incredible 8 pound hen Steelhead on his Beaver Dam tipup!  The fish made several long runs, nearly spooling Derek several times!  I wish I could've been there to get video of this battle! 

Overall the Trout fishing continues to go strong, but caution is advised when venturing onto the ice in the Harbors and Tributaries, as the warm weather and windy conditions have caused the ice to deteriorate quickly!  Remember, no fish is worth your life!

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