Thursday, January 10, 2013

Otter Street Walleye Tournament Receives Makeover

Over the past 5 years, the Otter Street Fishing Club’s summer Walleye Tournament has seen its numbers of entrants steadily decrease, which has led to drastic changes in the structure of this prestigious event for 2013.

Otter Street Fishing Club has teamed up with Battle on Bago to increase payout, open the tournament to the entire Winnebago System, and are also working on making this event a CRR event, similar to the format used in the AIM Walleye Series.

Catch, Record, Release will allow anglers to “weigh” their best five fish, rather than being faced with tough decisions on which fish to keep in a no cull tournament.  This format also allows for the immediate release of the fish, which will just about eliminate tournament fish mortality.

Opening this tournament to the entire Winnebago System will allow anglers to fish the upriver lakes, which often times hold some of the largest Walleyes in the system at this time of the year.  This also allows the 300+ boats to spread out over more area, making for a less crowded experience for anglers.

This year’s event will take place June 15-16 2013 out of Menominee Park in Oshkosh.  The entry fee per team will be $400.  Anglers will be competing for a $20,000 first place prize, and also daily big fish prizes of $1,000 per day.  The total payout for this event is expected to be over $100,000, which will be made possible with the support of several sponsors.  This year’s sponsors include; JJ Keller Foundation Inc., Lund Boats, Frabill, Mercury Marine, and Associated Bank.

Be sure to check back for more updates on this event as more information becomes available, or check out the club's website at

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