Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lake Winnebago Sturgeon Season May Go the Distance

185 Pounder
 The 2011 Lake Winnebago Sturgeon Spearing Season got off to a slow start when it comes to numbers, but not size!  There have been 43 Sturgeon registered in the first 3 days of the season that topped the scales at over 100 pounds!  The biggest of the season thus far was speared on Valentine's Day by John Genske of Sheboygan, WI.  The fish was taken along the East shore of Lake Winnebago near Brothertown.  Here is a picture of the mammoth Sturgeon!

Warm weather conditions in Northeast Wisconsin have caused a major melt down of the snow out on the Lake, which is causing lots of standing water on the ice.  Plowed roads have become puddles as deep as 18" in some locations!  High traffic areas, specifically landings, have been effected the most by the warm weather.  When venturing out be careful around the landings, crack your window, and keep your seat-belt off!

This is also not a good time to be crossing cracks.  With the warm weather the cracks tend to move more often, also the melt water tends to run down into the lake here, eroding the ice and making the cracks wider!  Be safe out on Lake Winnebago this week, not only because of the warm temperatures, but also because many Sturgeon Spearer's have already either moved or taken their shacks off the lake, leaving holes all over the place!  Spearer's are required to mark their holes when abandoning them, however, with the warm weather the stakes tend to fall over leaving the open holes unmarked! 

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