Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Scheels Exclusive Flicker Shads

Scheels continues to come out with exclusive new bait colors, this time it is three different custom colors of the Berkley Flicker Shad.  The exclusive colors come in both the 5 CM and 7 CM sizes.

The new baits are set to hit the store shelves sometime this spring, hopefully by the beginning of April.  The new colors include a Metallic Perch, which should be a prime bait wherever Walleyes have Perch for feed, since this color is very life-like.

Scheels has also come up with its Goldfish custom color, which originally came out in the Shad Rap.  The big differences between a Shad Rap and a Flicker Shad are the sound, material, and action.  The Flicker Shad has built in rattles which give the bait a wounded baitfish sound, helping feeding Walleyes narrow in on an easy meal.  The next big difference in the two is material.  Flicker Shads are made out of a durable plastic, whereas a Shad Rap is still carved out of Balsa wood.  The Balsa wood of the Shad Rap causes it to float on the pause, while the Flicker Shad will suspend when paused in the water column.  Lastly, the action of a Flicker Shad is similar to Shad Rap, but the wiggle is slightly tighter.  This subtle difference can make all the difference when the fish are negative!

Another must have color in the Flicker Shad is the Scheels Exclusive Blue Pearl.  This bait is ideal for open water situations when you are dealing with clear water.

All 3 of these exciting new Flicker Shad colors will be available before you know it, so remember to add them to your arsenal this spring to help put more Walleye in your boat!

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Matt L. said...

Thanks for sharing, this is a great review of the new shads!

Matt L.