Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whitefish Action Still Going Strong

Made it out on Green Bay for a few hours Friday afternoon looking for Perch and Whitefish.  The Perch had other ideas, but the Whitefish didn't disappoint.  After checking Choidors Dock, Sugar Creek, and Dykesville for Perch with nothing to show, we decided with an hour left before dark to head in shallow to fish for Whitefish.

We Pulled up on Macos Reef, (which is just north of Dykesville) and drilled a few holes.  I lowered my Swedish Pimple with a minnow head down the hole and immediately noticed a fish on my flasher.  With a little enticing, I had a Whitefish hooked up within a minute of fishing for them!  The Whitefish would come through in small schools or two or three every few minutes and you could usually get one of the Whitefish to bite out of the group every time.

After several hours of nonproductive Perch fishing, the Whitefish action saved the day!  We ended up with 7 Whitefish in an hour and called it a day.  Hopefully I can get back out there and enjoy some more Whitefish action soon!


Anonymous said...

do you guys in wisconsin use spawn to fish whitefish threw the ice? GREAT SUPER BOWL

lance620 said...

Not that I am aware of, we actually usually use Swedish Pimples in silver or gold tipped with either a minnow head or Waxworm, even Gulp Waxworms work around here. We also get them on small ice jigs and Waxworms when the bite is tougher. Thanks for the comments!