Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Flicker Shads Coming This Spring


New Flicker Shads to hit the market in 2011

Hot new colors and brand new sizes will excite Walleye anglers

Notes From Gary Parsons
Hi Guys and Gals,
In the last couple of years we've tried to keep everyone informed about new things, and if possible before anyone else. It's been pretty easy for Keith and I to do this when the news has been about Flicker Shads, as I think that by now most everyone realizes that we work very closely with the Berkley engineers in building and consulting about this family of baits. There is actually much new information that we will be sharing with you in the next few weeks and please feel free to cut and paste or re-post on other sites as we would like to get the word out.

First, we'll leak the three new colors that Berkley will have in their 2011 line up. They are keeping all of the colors from 2010 and adding these three (photos below). Notice that the Sexy Shad and Speckled Gold Shiner have smooth sides! This is very cool, as the visible side flash is noticably increased with these baits! They are telling us that they should hit the store shelves in the beginning of April, and we'll try to update you.
Second, we're proud to announce two new sizes in 2011. The new dynamite little number 4 and a new number 6! Keith and I worked very hard on these and we think that you'll be impressed. They are anticipating that the stores could have these by late spring or early summer and at first might be in limited supply with more being available throughout the summer. This will be the most complete line up of shad baits that any manufacturer has ever had, with more colors, and therefore more "match the hatch" capability! Again we will have more colors and news over the next few weeks.

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