Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wolf River Nearing Ice Out

With one of the coldest winters on record now officially behind us this spring has started off right where our frigid winter left off!  Most of March has seen below average temperatures and a lack of rain, which has caused our snow pack to slowly melt while not swelling the Wolf River and causing the ice to break up.  Couple this with the thicker than usual ice found along the Wolf River and it’s not hard to believe that there are still guys ice fishing the river!

Some of the high current areas on sharp bends are opening up along the river, which is a good sign that the current is starting to eat away at the ice from underneath.  The sun is also eating away at the top layer of ice, making it honeycombed and weak.  At the rate we have been going, the ice would probably hold on for a couple weeks yet.

Luckily, the upcoming weather forecast may have just what the doctor ordered to get the ice to start breaking up and heading downriver.  The area is expected to receive upwards of 0.50” of rain on Thursday, which will hopefully bring current and water levels up enough to start breaking up the stubborn ice.

Once the ice does finally let loose, the river will become a dangerous place, as trees and other debris will likely be swept downriver with the ice.  Even though spring fever has gotten to almost everyone this year, waiting for the ice to clear the river, which may take a few days, is highly recommended as fishing during heavy ice flows is both dangerous and unproductive. 

Now is a great time to get your boat and tackle prepared for a day of fishing on the Wolf River.  Charge those batteries, make sure the anchors are in the boat, check tire pressure on your trailer,  lube those wheel bearings, check your jig inventory, re-spool reels with fresh line, and make sure you have a Minnow net as its never fun reaching into a frigid pail of Minnows in the spring!

Another thing to help with Spring Fever is the Wolf RiverCam.  There are multiple live cameras that are in the Wolf River showing fish movements, which is really neat to see.  These cameras can help pass the time, but may also tempt you into hooking the boat up and going fishing as countless Walleyes fly by the cams!   As of today, I have not yet seen a fish on the cameras, but expect this to change in the near future as water temperatures begin creeping upwards once the ice goes out!

Before we know it, the Wolf River will be littered with boats all hoping to catch a few Walleyes and enjoy being back on the water after a long winter!  A little preparation now will lead to a smooth first fishing trip on the Wolf River that can be spent fishing rather than working out the kinks.

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