Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day!

Well, Winter Storm Brianna is busy dropping lots of snow in our area, and will be followed by brutal winds and frigid temperatures.  The good news is we should finally have some fish-able ice by the middle of next week! 

Besides keeping up with the shoveling of the driveway, today will be spent preparing all of my ice fishing gear for another season of battle!  All of my tip ups need to be gone through, to sort out any tangled lines from last year, and tie on some new leaders.

I also plan on making some ice hole covers for this season, which will be painted black to reduce hole freezing, as well as shade the hole on sunny days.  The Hummingbird battery is hooked up and charging, and I even pulled out a bag of Brown Trout eggs to tie into spawn sacs for the weekend.  Looks like today will be a productive day, despite the weather!

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