Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catch More Fish with the Salmo Hornet

A friend of mine introduced me to the Salmo Hornet early this spring, bragging about how productive it had been for him last summer while trolling for Walleyes on Lake Poygan and Lake Winnebago.  I asked him what made it any better than a Flicker Shad or Shad Rap, and he simply said that it catches more fish than the others, consistently.

Now I have had some pretty good days myself trolling with the Shad Rap and Flicker Shad, so at first I was a bit skeptical.  A few weeks later I picked a few of them up while at Fleet Farm and decided to try them one day while trolling the reefs on Lake Winnebago.

Green Tiger

We ran 2 Salmo Hornets, 2 #5 Shad Raps, a Wally Diver, and a Flicker Shad on our first pass over the reef.  Within a minute of our baits pulling up onto the reef a planer board went back.  We netted a nice and healthy 17" Walleye, and guess what he had in his mouth, a Salmo of course!  The first fish hit a Salmo, as did the next 3, all of which were Walleyes in the 14-17 inch range!


I switched up a few colors of the Shad Raps and Flicker Shad, took the Wally Diver off and replaced it with another Salmo Hornet and took another pass over the reef.  This time two boards pulled back at the same time, a Winnebago Walleye Double Header!  The Salmos were on fire, green tiger, viking, and gold metallic orange all put fish in the boat!  On the third pass a black and gold Shad Rap finally put a fish in the boat.

If I hadn't tried these Salmo's I can guarantee that I would've been off to the next reef in search of the Walleyes, when they were at the first spot all along!  After catching over 20 Walleyes on Salmos that day, I have expanded my selection of the baits, and also looked into what makes them better than most other crank baits.

The Salmo Hornet is made of a dense Aerospace Foam rather than Balsa Wood or Plastic, which is more durable and also allows the bait to run true at any speed. Another key feature of the Salmo Hornet is it's unique action.  This little bait has an intense wobble that gives of lots of vibration which fish simply cannot resist. 

The Salmo Hornet comes in 4 different sizes and many different colors, I like the #3 and #4 for chasing Walleyes, while the #5 and #6 can be used for Bass and Northern Pike. 

Gold Metallic Orange

See for yourself if the Salmo is the bait for you, get a few and try them the next time you get out on the water!  Most sporting goods stores now carry Salmos, but if you cannot find them in your area, check out their website at to order online, look at their colors, and also check out other Salmo products.

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