Sunday, November 13, 2011

Algoma Stream Report 11/12/11

Took advantage of the forecasted highs in the 50's and sunshine by heading towards the lake in search of some fall Trout in the tribs.  Upon arrival on the Kewaunee River I instantly noticed extremely high flows and very dirty water, which makes presenting your bait to the Trout very difficult!

Without stepping foot into my waders, I turned north on Highway 42 and headed up to Algoma.  The Ahnapee River itself was flowing nice, but not nearly as fast or dirty as the Kewaunee which was encouraging!  An hour in one of my favorite spots without a bump was enough to keep me moving however.

Next stop was Silver Creek, by the Brummerville Dam.  I have never seen Silver Creek with this type of flow!  This nice little creek has become a raging whitewater river that I could barely wade through!  I attempted to find some holes with some slower moving water, but came up empty handed again, so it was off to the next spot.

I continued north along the lake and bumped into Stony Creek and decided to give that a whirl.  Within 15 minutes I found that there were still Salmon on the redds and quite active also!  There were both Coho and King Salmon holding in shallow riffle areas, which were fun to catch.  I didn't see any Trout up shallow, so I took some time and fished the deep holes hoping to tangle with a fall Steelie, but it just wasn't in the cards today.

There was one last spot that I decided to hit in search of a Trout, and within minutes at the new spot I had one!  Too bad it was 6" long!  I ended up catching 6 baby Rainbow Trout out of a stream that isn't even stocked with Trout, a good sign of natural reproduction in the great lakes! 

Overall the high flows and dirty water really hampered the Trout fishing, but it was still a successful trip landing some nice Salmon and even some Trout!  I now have plenty of Coho eggs that need to be tied up for some early ice fishing!

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