Sunday, May 29, 2011

Winnebago Walleyes 5/29/11

 Took the first trip of the year out on Lake Winnebago today and found some hungry Walleyes!  Spent the day fishing with my father and brother, and even ended up with our limit and then some!  The fish have put the feed bag on, as these are some of the fattest Walleyes I have ever seen on this system!

The Walleyes showed a preference for leeches early in the day, then by 10:00 it didn't seem to matter, they also decided to eat nightcrawlers on 1/16 ounce jigs.  Drifting the reefs proved to be more effective today than anchoring and using slip bobbers.  You would catch one here, one there, and then every now and again have a double!

The hot jig color today was green, followed closely by orange.  Cloudy skies and light winds made for a good reef bite, as well as a beautiful day to spend on the water catching a few fish!  Water temperatures on Lake Winnebago are still hovering in the upper 50's to around 60°, which is quite cool for the last week of May!

With tournaments coming up in the next few weeks, my reports will become more vague, but don't worry I intend on keeping my followers up to date on what the Walleyes are doing throughout the system!

I will be fishing a few more times this week and have a tournament this weekend, so expect more reports coming soon!

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Bruce Litton said...

Woh, man. You guys should be in the restaurant business. Did see a walleye in supermarket here in NJ--from Mid-West, of course, since only commercial activity is there. Do have walleyes to 13 pounds here. Refreshing to see a good kill in this age of political correctness, good work.