Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sturgeon Spearing Right Around the Corner

Opening day of the 2011 Lake Winnebago System Sturgeon Spearing Season is less than a week away and spearers are preparing for what could be another record year.  The word on the ice is that clarity is once again really good over most of the lake.  There are some areas of cloudy water out from the river mouth as well as the south end, but for the most part it should not be a major factor in extending the season.

Here Fishy Fishy

The biggest challenge facing spearers this year will be snow, and lots of it.  Travel on the lake away from the plowed roads has been tough going to say the least!  I would strongly suggest traveling with more than one vehicle as well as having a shovel, tow rope, and cell phone with you at all times.  The drifts are really hard to distinguish from the normal snow cover, so be prepared to put the hammer down out there!

My New Decoy

On a brighter note, this weekend's forecast is calling for highs in the 30's, which should get the fish moving and also make for a comfortable experience on the ice.

I have taken the day off on Friday to haul the shack out onto the ice, cut in, and get the shack ready to go for opening morning!  I plan on taking lots of pictures of all the festivities, so I can show all of you just how unique and interesting the entire process really is.  Wish me luck this weekend and I will report back soon!

Last Year's Success

For more up to date information on this year's harvest numbers and a lakewide water clarity report check out the Wisconsin DNR webstie at http://dnr.wi.gov/fish/sturgeon/lakewinnebago/

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Are you selling the perch decoy really would like to have one I lost my best one 2 years ago?