Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Steelhead Report

Spring has sprung early this year, which has sparked an earlier than normal spring Steelhead run!  Unfortunately the weather has cooled off recently, but regardless of the temperatures the Steelhead are now abundant in many of the tributaries to Lake Michigan up and down the Wisconsin coast line!

With high, cold water conditions, expect the Steelhead to be holding on the edges of the fast current or in the deeper pools as they wait for their eggs to ripen and then they will move onto shallow gravel redds to spawn. 

With the cold water temperatures, the fish won't be overly aggressive, so using a finesse presentation and getting it right in their face will get you the most bites.  There are many different offerings that will work, including; spawn sacs, beads, hair jigs, waxies, shrimp, flies, and even plastic worms. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with different presentations until the fish tell you what they are craving on that given day, as they often prefer different baits on different days.  Having confidence in what you are using is also really important right now, as the fish will probably take your offering if it is presented to them properly, and having that confidence allows you to fish your presentation properly without wanting to give up on it.

Many anglers think that early morning and evenings are the best fishing times to catch Steelhead, but with cold nights it can take that sun coming out and warming the water a bit to get the fish interested in feeding.  Keep this in mind if you struggle early in the day, as things can change quick when the fish turn on!

Whether you have an entire day to fish or just an hour or two, spring Steelhead fishing in the tributaries can be well worth your time as these fish put up amazing battles in cold, skinny water!  I hope your next outing produces some silver bullets!