Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Fishing Update

The spring Steelhead run is off to a slow start as cold temperatures and a lack of rain have the fish coming in at a trickle.  Expect the main run to happen soon as forecasted rains will draw more fish into the system in a short period of time!  As of now there are fish around to be caught but the fish are using deeper sections of the rivers rather than typical shallower locations since the water is so clear.

I made it out once so far this spring for Steelhead and managed 5 in 6 hours of fishing, not great but still way better than nothing!  We caught our fish drifting both spawn and Slay Em Beads.  Fish were relating to the top ends of holes and seemed to bite right away once they were located.

As for Walleyes, there are fish being taken on all of the area rivers, especially the Wolf River north of Fremont.  The lack of forage in the system has the fish feeding much better than normal during the "Up Run" as many anglers are reporting 20+ fish days right now!  Fish have begun spawning as early as March 31, but I expect the main spawn to happen this week.

I made it out on April 3 and we managed to catch 11 Walleyes, with 2 being spawned out females, 2 being females full of eggs, and the others milking males.  All of our fish were caught while vertical jigging in deeper sections of the river with 1/4 oz jigs and Shiners.  We did also catch a fish on Gulp later in the day as I decided to give it a shot.

The Fox River in Depere has been consistent for fish, but not quite as hot as some years for shear numbers of fish.  The fish have been spawning here for awhile also, and I expect it to start winding down by this weekend already.

The Menominee and Peshtigo Rivers are also giving up Walleyes, with slightly cooler water temps these fish are primarily in pre spawn mode, especially on the Menominee.  Fish are being taken while vertical jigging as well as off the Hattie St. Bridge and by guys in their waders near the dam.  Expect this bite to gradually improve before peaking in a week or so.

Pick your poison right now, there are so many good fishing opportunities right now it can be tough to decide where to go!  One thing is for sure, you can't catch them from your computer so get out of the house and catch some fish!

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