Friday, December 20, 2013

Lake Poygan Producing a Mixed Bag

With the unusually cold onset of winter we have had here in Northeast Wisconsin, anglers are enjoying great ice conditions on all area lakes.  There is a reported range of 10-15 inches of ice on Lake Poygan, which has allowed anglers to drive their vehicles out on the lake already!

Fishing action in the Horseshoe Hole of Lake Poygan has remained strong for some, and hit and miss for others.  When fish are located, the action can be phenomenal right now!  Most successful fisherman are using a run and gun approach, cutting one hole at a time and only spending 15 minutes in a hole until fish are found.  This tactic has been paying off for many, whereas tip up fishing has been hampering the mobility of anglers and limiting their catches.

The hot lures have been Jigging Rapalas in Black and Gold, Swedish Pimples and Castmasters in Gold and Bronze, and even Forage Minnows have been taking fish.  Anglers are tipping these baits with Spikes, Minnow Heads, and Waxworms to entice finicky fish, but most of the time this has not been necessary.

The huge 2011 year class of Walleyes is now in that 14"-16" range and is providing the majority of the Walleye fishing action, with larger fish mixed in here and there.  There are some very nice sized White Bass being taken in the same areas currently as well.  The big surprise has been the Crappies, as they are also mixed in with everything and running in that 10-11" range, which is perfect for filling the bucket!

Expect this hot action to continue for several weeks, but also understand that fishing pressure will scatter the fish and make them relocate in different areas, so where you caught them a week ago may no longer be productive tomorrow!  For everyone that ventures out, be safe and best of luck!

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