Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lake Winnebago Fishing Update

Walleye fishing on Lake Winnebago continues to be very productive for this time of the year.  Walleyes are being caught all over the place right now!

When the wind blows, the west shore reefs have been productive for good eating sized Walleyes in the 13"-18" range, with a few bigger fish mixed in.  Fish are being caught on slip bobbers, jigs with nightcrawlers, and also trolling Flicker Shads and Salmos.

The mid lake mud flats continue to hold Walleyes, both spinners and crankbaits are putting fish in the boat.  The water clarity is starting to deteriorate, which will slow that bite in the coming weeks.  Bright colors have been producing best lately.

There has also been a good trolling bite on the east shore trolling in 8-12 feet of water.  This bite can go hot and cold by the day depending on wind and water clarity, wind is your friend while trolling in this area.

For those willing to put up with floating weeds, there has been a decent Walleye bite in the weeds all along the west shore of the lake.  These fish are being caught on both jigs and crankbaits and are ranging in size from 13"-24".

Lastly, the Fox River in Oshkosh continues to give up some of the largest Walleyes in the system, just not in big numbers.  These fish are being caught both jigging and trolling throughout the river and even under the highway 41 bridge.  Don't expect to catch lots of fish here, but if you put your time in you have a chance at a big one!

Make sure to check back for more updated reports, as I will be switching gears and heading to the bay in preparation for the next MWS tournament in August on Green Bay.

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