Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Walleyes in Spawn Mode on Wolf River

The Wolf River Cam in Shiocton doesn't lie, hundreds of pre-spawn Walleyes are making their way past the camera on their way to the many spawning marshes just north of town to spawn the next generation of Winnebago System Walleyes.

The cooler than average spring has the Annual Walleye Run a good week behind schedule, but the wet spring has sent the water over the river banks and into the marshes, making for ideal spawning conditions for the Walleyes.

As witnessed on the Wolf River Cam, Walleyes are still heading upriver, and will be spawning within the next week as water temperatures climb into the low 40's in the marshes.  Once the females lay their eggs, they quickly begin their journey back to the lakes with food being a top priority once again.

The male Walleyes typically hang around the spawning marshes until all the females have spawned before slowly making their way downriver and eventually back into the lakes also.  Post-spawn Walleyes are much easier to catch than pre-spawn Walleyes, so I am expecting the bite to really turn on by next weekend, as a majority of the fish will have spawned by then.

Check back for more updates on the stage of the spawn and also fishing reports on the Wolf River in the next 2 weeks as I hope to get out several times in search of some hungry post-spawn Walleyes!

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