Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lake Poygan Trolling Bite

Made it out on April 29th for a few hours to break the planer boards in for the year.  My dad and I fished from 11-3:30 on Lake Poygan, near the mouth of the Wolf River.  We setup in 7 feet of water and began to troll with the wind to the west.

We started with a mix of Salmo Hornets, #5 Shad Raps and #5 Flicker Shads.  We ran these behind our planer boards anywhere from 15-40 feet back, covering depths of 4-6.5 down.  It didn't take long for the first planer board to slide back with a fish!  The first fish of the year turned out to be an 8" Walleye!

Over the next 4 hours we landed a total of 16 Walleyes, varying in size from 8"-20"!  Our best bait was a #5 Shad Rap in Purpledescient, followed by a Blue and Silver Salmo.  Trolling speed was also a big factor, as 1.5-1.8 mph worked the best for us, it seemed that if you went faster than that you didn't catch anything!

The fishing on the upriver lakes of the Winnebago System should continue to improve over the next few weeks as the water temperatures rise and the weeds begin to grow.  The cane beds are just starting to green up, which means the Walleyes will be lurking in them soon also!

Until next time, get out and enjoy our fantastic fishery here in northeast Wisconsin whenever you have the chance!

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