Monday, January 16, 2012

Sheboygan Harbor Trout 1/14/11

Derek and I spent this past Saturday braving the cold weather in hopes of catching a few Trout through the ice.  Despite temperatures in the low teens and a bit of a brisk west wind, we headed out to see what the day would bring.  It didn't take long for the fish to respond!  After setting our last tipup at 7:15, Derek got bit on his jig pole!

The fish went nuts and did some barrel rolls under the ice, causing the line to tangle around the fish.  Derek brought the fish to the hole, but it was sideways, so he let the fish back down the hole to hopefully untangle itself.  Well, that is exactly what it did!  As soon as it went down the hole we watched through the 1/2" of ice as the Buck Steelhead barrel rolled again and promptly spit the hook!

We were both just looked at each other in disappointment!  Oh well, it was back to jigging, hoping to have another chance at landing a Trout.  About an hour later Derek's Automatic Fisherman popped, and fortunately for us, the rod began bouncing!  After a five minute battle, Derek landed his first Steelhead through the ice, a nice 7 pound hen!

The fish was full of Skein, which we cut out and used as bait.  About an hour after rigging a couple tipups with Skein, we had another flag!  This time it was on Derek's old Beaver Dam tipup.  The fish completely inhaled the Skein and was slowly taking line as we reached the tipup.  Another intense 5 minute battle resulted in a nice 5 pound buck Steelhead!

The action for Derek had been great up to this point, but I was starting to wonder when my luck would change!  I moved one of my Automatic Fishermen to a different hole, and within 20 minutes it went off!  Derek and I were quite a ways down the dock from the Auto, so it was a mad dash to the Auto!  Luckily the fish was still on by the time I got there, and I was able to land another beautiful hen Steelhead!

Another two hours passed without any action when my other Automatic Fisherman popped!  This time we were able to take a quick video of the fight!  After a 5 minute fight I landed a 5 pound buck Brown Trout, which would be the last of our action for the day.

It sure felt good to get back on the ice and tangle with a few of our Great Lakes Trout, I can't wait to get out and catch some more soon!

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