Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kewaunee Salmon Report

Hit the big pond Friday evening, June 17 in search of some Salmon!  Lake Michigan was flat calm, the sun was shining, and we actually had to stand in the shade it was so warm out there!  Fishing started off slow for us, not getting a bump until 7:30.

The first two fish were able to shake off within seconds of the strike.  The third bite was the charm, as a rigger set at 130 over 230 feet of water with a magnum flasher and aqua fly tripped.  The fish then ran 400' of line out before Grant could finally slow it down!  45 minutes later, we had a 22 pound King Salmon in the net!  This fish was all Grant could handle, as his arms were shot by the end of the battle!

Our next hit came at around 8:15 on a dipsey diver and green flasher fly combo set at 190'.  As Kyle was battling this fish, a yellow bird with 3 colors of leadcore and a j-plug got hammered!  I quickly grabbed the rod and it was double trouble!  We crossed lines a few times with our fish, but were able to land both fish within seconds of each other!  Both fish were in the 15-17 pound class!

 By the time we had everything straightened out after the double, it was glow time!  We brought the baits up and glowed them up for the sunset bite.  Soon after glowing up one of the dipsies, we had another fish on!  This fish also had some shoulders to it, since it ran about 100' of line off the spool before it could be turned around!  There is nothing quite like the sound of a screaming drag while watching a Lake Michigan Sunset!

This fish eventually tired and made it to the net, another whopper topping the scales at 20 pounds!  This was the end of the action for the night for us, but we were all able to land a fish and enjoy a beautiful night on the lake!

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