Friday, April 15, 2011

Wolf River Report 4/15/11 Nasty Weather, Solid Fishing

Spent half the day yesterday and 7 hours today in some of the nastiest conditions mother nature can throw at a guy this time of year.  Between the 35 mph wind gusts and flood stage water levels, most would not even bother fishing!  With a tournament tomorrow, I needed to get out and find a pattern to use during the tournament.

That is exactly what we did!  Fishing started out strong with 3 fish on three drifts.  The only problem with our success was the fact that other fishermen were watching!  Our area quickly became flooded with boats and our next 3 drifts resulted in no fish.  I decided that I had already learned what I had needed in this spot and moved on to another good spot nearby. 

Our first drift in the next spot resulted in a 15" male Walleye that was still milking and heading upriver.  The second pass started out with a bang as I landed a 23" spawned out female.  The fish absolutely crushed my jig and minnow!  The beauty was released after a couple quick photos and it was back to fishing/fighting the wind!  The wind in this spot was pushing the boat towards shore with each gust, making it tough to stay vertical with our jigs.

We made several more drifts down this spot catching a fish or two each drift, until we ended up with our limit of 10 Walleyes and 2 throwback females.
Flood Waters Inching Closer

Despite the crappy conditions, the fish were flushing out of the marshes and on the lookout for some food!  We were lucky enough to find a few biters and will be enjoying a fish fry from this trip soon!

I hope to let everyone know how the tournament goes, but if anyone would like to watch the weigh-in, it will be at 2:00 at Fort Fremont Marine, which is along the Wolf River just south of Fremont. 

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