Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lake Winnebago 3/3/11

Made it out on the ice probably for the last time with my truck tonight off of Oshkosh searching for the huge school of Walleyes that we have been catching over the past two weeks.  Fishing pressure has scattered the once schooled up Walleyes into smaller groups that are also tougher to get to bite.  Guys are constantly on the move trying to keep up with the fish, which can be a difficult task!
Bago Sauger, notice more fish on the Flasher!

If you are lucky enough to be there when they come through you can easily catch your limit in 15 minutes! My advice to everyone is to move until you are consistently marking fish, I have noticed that it is usually all or nothing when it comes to Walleyes right now, either you are on the mother load or off in outer space!

I was not lucky enough to stumble upon the Walleyes tonight, however, I talked to a few guys that said the fish went nuts from noon to two o'clock this afternoon, with everyone pulling them in on all sorts of baits.  As fast as the fishing picked up, it shut back down by the time I made it out on the ice.  This is why the call it fishing and not catching I guess.

At the end of the evening (5:45) I finally marked a school of suspended Walleyes and coaxed one into biting.  It turned out to be a plump 16.5" Walleye.  The fish bit on a Blue and Chrome #3 Jigging Rapala, and wanted it constantly moving in order to bite.  I quickly unhooked this fish and dropped my Rapala back down the hole where there was still a fish waiting for me.  This fish also rose up and bit my bait, but I didn't hook it. 

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