Friday, January 14, 2011

Automatic Fisherman Update

Well it seems the mid winter lull has finally arrived here in the midwest.  The days are short and quite cold, the fishing as slow as it gets all year.  Even when things are looking this grim, there is still hope.  The Automatic Fisherman offers tie hard fisherman an increased chance at putting fish on the ice during this period.  The key to success right now is finesse.  Tip ups with dacron line and steel leaders will still catch fish, but having an Automatic Fisherman rigged with 8-12 pound flourocarbon and a small hook will outproduce those Beaver Dams all day! 

Another key component to the Automatic Fisherman is right in the name, its Automatic.  If I had a dollar for every tip up that I have approached that didn't result in a fish on the ice I would be a rich man!  When the fish are biting light and spitting the minnow after feeling the tension from a normal tip up, the Automatic Fisherman will hook these light biting fish before they can detect any tension. 

There is also a new product on the market called the Ice Stopper Bobber.  This uniquely designed bobber is filled with a solution that won’t freeze, even in the coldest conditions.  The bobber can freeze into your hole, but the line will still be able to freely pass through the bobber, an important factor when it comes to the fish feeling tension.
The Ice Stopper
The next time you brave the elements in search of some mid winter fish, give these products a try!  Not only will they outproduce standard tip ups, they will get you out of the house much more often!

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