Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ice Fishing Green Bay

The great lakes offer many diverse fishing opportunities to anglers throughout the midwest.  Most fisherman, however, overlook the great lakes during the winter months.  Most of the great lakes never freeze completely over, which may be the reason they are overlooked during the winter months as a fishing opportunity.  This is really too bad because the great lakes offer great fishing all year round if you know where to look for it.

There are hundreds of protected bays, harbors, tributaries, and narrow areas where ice forms thick enough to safely fish through the ice.  Green Bay is just one example of these protected areas that allow for great ice fishing opportunities.

Green Bay offers a chance to catch several different species on any given day ranging from Perch and Smelt all the way up to trophy Northern Pike and Brown Trout.  The Whitefish population in Green Bay is booming which has created another unique great lakes fishing opportunity.  Whitefish are a popular dinner choice for many vacationers along Door County all year round.  Whitefish Boils, winery's, and beautiful scenery attract people to door county from all over the world! 

Catching Whitefish through the ice in 30+ feet of water is a blast, especially for the younger generations!  If Whitefish aren't for you, the bay also offers a solid Yellow Perch fishery.  Ice fishermen spread the bay in search of Perch, beginning with the thin ice in the bays and working their way out onto the many flats of the main bay once the ice conditions allow for vehicle traffic.  Perch over a foot long are fairly common, with a chance of landing one upwards of 16 inches!

The Walleyes that are caught in large numbers during the summer months can still be taken through the ice, just not in large numbers.  Due to the extremely clear water the Walleyes tend to only bite during the first few hours of light and again as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Green Bay also offers a trophy Northern Pike fishery with some of the best fishing occurring through the ice.  The toothy critters of the bay like to roam the many bays and shorelines in search of their next meal.  Tip ups are the primary weapon for big Pike, light line and small hooks with lively bait are keys to putting Pike on the ice.

Whether you are after a wall hanger or just a meal for the family, Green Bay offers great fishing year round, so don't be afraid to get on the ice!

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