Friday, November 21, 2014

2014-15 Ice Fishing Season off to an Early Start

With much colder than average temps over the past couple weeks, anglers in most of the northern Midwest have found themselves replacing their boats with their ice fishing gear!  This cold has been so persistent that even the larger bodies of water have frozen over and are being fished by brave anglers...

This weekend is calling for a brief warmup with rain, then it appears as if temps will once again stay below freezing for the foreseeable future.  The forecasted rains and winds could change early ice conditions fast, so please be safe when venturing out on the ice this weekend, especially if you are travel long distances to fish!

With an early onset winter like this, there are lots of great early ice opportunities to take advantage of!  The shallow bays will hold Panfish and Pike, while Crappies can be found both shallow and deep.  Walleyes are sure to be lurking the remaining green weeds as well as the mud flats, and Great Lakes Trout can be found in both the rivers and harbors.

Whatever species you decide to chase during this early ice, make sure to play it safe and enjoy yourselves!  I will be posting updates on my early ice trips which will hopefully begin next weekend...

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