Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Steelhead Report

Spring has sprung early this year, which has sparked an earlier than normal spring Steelhead run!  Unfortunately the weather has cooled off recently, but regardless of the temperatures the Steelhead are now abundant in many of the tributaries to Lake Michigan up and down the Wisconsin coast line!

With high, cold water conditions, expect the Steelhead to be holding on the edges of the fast current or in the deeper pools as they wait for their eggs to ripen and then they will move onto shallow gravel redds to spawn. 

With the cold water temperatures, the fish won't be overly aggressive, so using a finesse presentation and getting it right in their face will get you the most bites.  There are many different offerings that will work, including; spawn sacs, beads, hair jigs, waxies, shrimp, flies, and even plastic worms. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with different presentations until the fish tell you what they are craving on that given day, as they often prefer different baits on different days.  Having confidence in what you are using is also really important right now, as the fish will probably take your offering if it is presented to them properly, and having that confidence allows you to fish your presentation properly without wanting to give up on it.

Many anglers think that early morning and evenings are the best fishing times to catch Steelhead, but with cold nights it can take that sun coming out and warming the water a bit to get the fish interested in feeding.  Keep this in mind if you struggle early in the day, as things can change quick when the fish turn on!

Whether you have an entire day to fish or just an hour or two, spring Steelhead fishing in the tributaries can be well worth your time as these fish put up amazing battles in cold, skinny water!  I hope your next outing produces some silver bullets!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Walleye Weekend 2016

Walleye Weekend will be held at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac June 10-12. The event is centered around the Mercury National Walleye Tournament that features over 200 Mercury powered fishing boats and some of the biggest names in Walleye fishing! Keith Kavajecz, Host of The Next Bite TV show and professional angler, will be emceeing the weigh-in on both Saturday and Sunday.

Anglers have 2 days to catch the heaviest overall bag of 10 Walleyes to have their chance at winning over $10,000 in cash! Anglers are allowed to place 7 Walleyes into their live wells but can only weigh 5 per day which makes for tough on the water decisions when a marginal sized Walleye is caught early in the day! If you have never attended a weigh in, I would highly recommend checking it out on Sunday as a winner will be crowned!

There are plenty of things to do at Walleye Weekend other than fishing as well! There will be children’s entertainment and activities, adult sports tournaments (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, and Strongman), Yoga on the island, Boss of the Moss putting competition, Familyland, and even the UW marching band will march at Noon on Sunday! For more specific information on all of these great events head to 


There will also be great food and refreshments, including the world’s largest Walleye Fry! If you are looking to catch some live music, there will be live music on multiple stages! Jackyl (Southern Rock Band) will be headlining on the main stage on Saturday, June 11 at 8:30pm!

 As for my winning Walleye weight prediction, I am guessing that it will take right around 40 pounds to win! Get out and enjoy the summer at Lakeside Park this coming weekend, fun will be had by all!